Roman’s and Lot 2 Get Three Stars; the Burger Trend Don’t Stop

Photo: Brea Souders/New York Magazine

In this week’s issue of New York, Beth Landman takes a look at the burger trend, and asks Danny Meyer and Steve Hanson why they’re opening burger joints more often than they’re dreaming up multi-star restaurants. Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld find a “first-rate, perfectly proportioned grass-fed Cheddar burger” (as well as more to love) at Lot 2 in Greenwood Heights, and they spot Jonathan Ames at Roman’s in Fort Greene. Both get three stars. If you’re tired of the burger trend and looking for a new one, the magazine has one contender: pastrami, lately reimagined in the form of a croissant, an egg roll, and a sub. And if you’re planning to go apple picking this weekend and wondering what to look for, Rob and Robin recommend their favorites, from the winesap to the suncrisp to the winter banana.