Restaurateurs, This Is What Robert Sietsema Looks and Sounds Like


In this Chow video, Robert Sietsema of the Voice claims to be “one of the only anonymous restaurant critics left on the face of the earth — that way I can be on the side of the consumer rather than, kind of, on the side of the restaurateur,” and then promptly proceeds to show off his face as he tells us, in his ever distinctive voice, how to make bucatini all’Amatriciana! Keep in mind, this is the guy who laid into Danielle Freeman for being so visible: “I presume that part of her being non-anonymous is that she goes into a restaurant under her own name, flashes her cleavage, and they just bring her free food.” Well, at least he presumably isn’t using his own name — and doesn’t have cleavage …

Robert Sietsema’s Go-To Dish [Chow]