Renzo Piano and Patina Behind Ray’s and Stark Bar at LACMA

Photo: JM Rosenfeld via Flickr

How can Renzo Piano make his new Resnick Pavillion at LACMA a little more palatable? By adding a restaurant, of course. Opening no later than March 2011, a 1,140 square-foot, Piano-conceived “concrete, glass, and steel box” will serve as the museum’s new restaurant and lounge. But fortunately, der Sprockets vibe ends with the cold materials, as L.A. Times reports a planned farm-to-table menu will be designed by Joachim Splichal and a soon-to-be-finalized chef in a space that extends on Piano’s whimsical contemporary Pavillion. The restaurant will also carry the friendly name Ray’s, while the lounge is named Stark Bar, both to honor the film producer of the same name following big donations from The Stark Foundation.

A third Renzo Piano building at LACMA–and this one comes with food [L.A. Times]