Pressing Questions: Has Bacon Jumped the Shark?

<a href=>Traif's Bacon Doughnuts.</a>
Traif’s Bacon Doughnuts. Photo: Melissa Hom

Over three years ago, we declared that bacon had jumped the shark; then last year we noted that articles about bacon jumping the shark had also jumped the shark. The Wall Street Journal apparently doesn’t read Grub Street, because it now asks that pressing question: “Has our penchant for pig jumped the shark?” It seems, dear readers, that the “bacon bubble” has burst, and “some chefs are throwing up roadblocks to bacon’s lava-like flow into every crevice of the culinary topography” (though, to be fair, a publicist recently sent a sample of South Houston’s bacon-pecan brittle, and the restaurant also does bacon-and-bourbon popcorn). Yes, for the thousandth time, bacon has jumped the freakin’ shark — just look how few bacon dishes were on offer at Pig Island, which Metromix attended this weekend. What you will see in their slideshow is Korean tacos. Now can we get back to asking whether they’ve jumped the shark?

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