New Yorkers Don’t Mind a Slower Starbucks; the City’s Bloodiest Dishes

• Starbucks is telling its baristas to spend more time on drinks, meaning it takes longer to get the same coffee. But New Yorkers are like, eh, whatevs. [NYDN]

• It’s getting close to Halloween, so Metromix put together a roundup of NYC’s bloodiest dishes. [Metromix]

Cosmo named its annual Bachelor of the Year: a prep cook from Cleveland. [Plain Dealer]

• Oops! Nestlé was mistakenly allowed to use the logo for a British government anti-obesity campaign on a website promoting junk food. [BBC]

• A new book contains lots of lovely photos made entirely out of food. [AOL]

• A Silicon Valley CEO and UC-Davis are teaming up to make a bunch of technological advances in winemaking. [WSJ]