Neighburrito Says ‘No Pot Burritos for You’

There's probably a rolling joke that we could make here.
There’s probably a rolling joke that we could make here. Photo: LUIS ACOSTA/AFP/Getty Images

Just when we were ready to declare pot the signature ingredient of 2010 — hey, California has stoner pops and Colorado has totally epic soda — Eater has to go and harsh our mellow.

Although a very dramatic pot bust happened in the basement below Neighburrito at 127 Rivington Street last night — and a tipster claimed to have seen the restaurant’s owner being handcuffed, hopes for the Best Burrito Ever were dashed when Neighburrito’s lawyer wrote Eater to say: “While the police did understandably question my client, he was released and no charges were ever filed. It is my understanding that the police did in fact arrest and charge the actual operator of the facility.”

Sorry, stoners. At least High Times is still based in New York City, and that cookbook will be out soon.

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