Molto Mocha

Definitely better than Starbucks.
Definitely better than Starbucks. Photo: Danny Kim/New York magazine

In Turin, you’d be laughed out of an espresso bar if you asked for a venti anything. What you can get there — and, now, here, at Eataly’s Lavazza coffee bar — is a unique drink called a bicerin. Pronounced “beet-chureen,” it has just three ingredients: thick hot chocolate (not too sweet), hot espresso (not too bitter), and cool heavy cream (not too much), all layered like a pousse-café in a small glass. If Starbucks sold these, they’d be oversize and sticky; here, at about five ounces, they’re perfect

$4; Lavazza coffee bar at Eataly, 200 Fifth Ave., nr. W. 23rd St.; 212-229-2560