Marco Pierre White Casts a Spell on Journalist With Magic Bouillon Cubes

Photo: Courtesy of NBC

Last week, Dwight Garner dressed down Colman Andrews for being too awestruck by Ferran Adrià. Today, Ike DeLorenzo of The Atlantic voices his disappointment not only with another legend, Marco Pierre White, for endorsing Knorr stock (Marco loves the stuff every bit as much as Christopher Lee digs Swanson: “It’s the best fucking ingredient in the world, let’s not kid ourselves. Knorr chicken-stock cubes? Genius product”), but also with Canada’s National Post for being “hypnotized” into printing a fawning profile of White (complete with recipes from Knorr) that fails to mention that the “floor cleaner and a dessert topping” White recommends for pasta dishes is “composed almost entirely of salt, MSG, and hydrogenated oils” and exceeds daily sodium allowance. An anonymous fellow toque implies that White is violating his “social responsibility” as a chef, but we’re sure the author of this piece could’ve just as easily found an esteemed chef to say, “Shut up and have a Diet Coke. It’s sophisticated.”

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