Kris Morningstar Leaves District and Mercantile, Plus Two Ideas For His Next Gig

Morningstar Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Kris Morningstar has left George Abou-Daoud’s buildings! The talented toque disclosed the news yesterday to Chow Balla, the new venture from former Eater/Tasting Table L.A. editrix and recent Grub-sub, Lesley Balla. In a statement, Morningstar gives the typical courtesy shout-out that “It’s been a wonderful experience the past 2 years being associated with Bowery St. Enterprises.” He also announces that his right-hand man, Kevin Napier, will take over at District and Mercantile as exec chef; a man both Balla and Morningstar deem quite capable of filling his sizable shoes. So what’s to become of Morningstar?

While Napier and Abou-Daoud will make changes to the menu with a focus on farm-driven, local cuisine, Morningstar says he is “looking forward to pursuing other endeavors.” Maybe chef Kris could start looking for opportunities at whatever will replace his former employer, Blue Velvet. And if all else fails, we think he’d make a perfect stand-in for Andy on the show Parks and Recreation. Read on for Morningstar’s full departure statement and stay tuned to see where the chef will appear next.

“It’s been a wonderful experience the past 2 years being associated with Bowery St. Enterprises. I am leaving and I am looking forward to pursuing other endeavors. It is a pleasure to have my number one Kevin Napier be my successor for District & Mercantile. Kevin has been a valued friend the past two and half years. He is very talented and has a great palate and food sensibilities. He has been behind the scenes for a long time and I am excited to see what happens for him as a chef.

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