Kabab Grill Filling Onetime Bul-Gogi Space In Palms

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

About a year ago, when Korean fusion seemed to be the biggest buzz-phrase in foodietown, Bul-Gogi Fusion BBQ was under construction in a small Palms strip mall space formerly occupied by Red Mango. Though Korean eats remain a favorite, that particular project closed before it could even open last February. Now that we’re talking about a bit of a Middle Eastern boom hitting the town, the space has suddenly turned into the forthcoming Kabab Grill, a Mediterranean restaurant and bakery with promises to come soon. Could this corner have some sort of magical ability to predict the preferences of our palates? Who knows… But it’s nice to see some of the gaping holes left in our restaurant real estate finally get filled.

Kabab Grill, 10401 Venice Blvd. #101B Palms.