Is Gorilla Brewing a Lawsuit Against Ex-Employees and the Times?

Photo: Robert K. Chin

FIPS says its gotten its hands on a lawsuit that Gorilla Coffee has filed against the New York Times, one of its reporters (presumably Oliver Strand), and eight former employees for participating in the preparation and publication of (a) false, defamatory, malicious and libelous article. Back in April, departing workers sent the Times an e-mail, which Diners Journal reprinted, complaining of a perpetually malicious, hostile, and demeaning work environment. According to FIPS, the suit calls that e-mail false and injurious and seeks damages for egregious, wanton, reckless and negligent conduct. We werent able to find a record of the lawsuit, and have left a message with Gorilla asking for comment.

COFFEE WARS: Gorilla Coffee Is Suing The NYT AND Former Employees (!?) [FIPS]