Chicken Farming Captures Suburban Imagination


As if we needed one more reason to flee our two-by-four apartment. The Globe reports on the burgeoning rent-a-coop trend, noting that many suburbanites are turning into amateur farmers. It seems an increasing number of consumers want to know where their eggs and chickens are coming from, so they’re willing to take matters into their own hands (and backyards).

Running a chicken farm requires commitment, notes the Globe: Land Sake Farm offers a rent-a-coop program for $100 for two weeks, complete with coop, organic feed, and a pair of chickens. Overwhelmed farmers can call for help at any time. Fans claim the resulting eggs taste far superior to supermarket wares, but admit that farming is hard work—particularly when chickens devour their own eggs.

Rent-a-Coops Put “Farm Fresh” in Suburban Yards [Globe]