Friedman, Becker, McNally Team Up to Fight ‘Unbearable’ City Hall

Keith McNally.
Keith McNally. Photo: James Hamilton

Serge Becker (who just felt Anna Wintour’s wrath over Miss Lily’s), Ken Friedman (who recently ditched plans for a West Village restaurant after the community board put up a stink), and Keith McNally (who had a similar experience) have decided they’re not going to take it anymore. The Wall Street Journal says they’re helping form the NYC Hospitality Coalition along with Stephen Hanson and a dozen others. Strangely, the man at the helm is Ken Frydman, who led the charge against the Jane Ballroom. But never mind that — he’s now planning to hire lobbyists and form a Political Action Committee, in order to “establish more balanced representation on community boards, a revamped 311 citizen complaint hot line and improved standards and training programs for inspectors in various city agencies.” Ken Friedman of the Spotted Pig says restaurateurs are being “treated like an ATM machine,” and Serge Becker thinks “it’s just become unbearable to do any business in the city.” Go get ‘em, guys!

Eateries Hunger For More Clout [WSJ]