Will Texting Restaurant Orders Be a New Thing?

Text your order here.
Text your order here. Photo: boston.com

Include texting in the list of media solutions local restaurants are adding to their artillery. First there was Textaurant, the texting service Finale uses to notify customers when their table is ready. Now Charlie’s Kitchen is the first area restaurant to use texting as a line of constant communication between customers and staff. Need a drink? Dropped your fork? If you can’t catch your server’s eye, just text ‘em.

Charlie’s is using a $300 a month service from TextMyFood. The co-founder of the service, Bob Nilsson, tells the Herald that the service is meant to help “a restaurant balance lax service with over-attentive, annoying service.” Charlie’s reports that last week they got 34 texts. If that is par for the course, then they pay $0.50 a text. But Manager Jaap Overgaag feels the more expensive the average text, the better the night. His philosophy: “The more messages you get … the worse the service.” Whether you consider table texting rude or not, it’s here to stay. Take it from Overgaag, “you can either go against it or go with it.”
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