April Bloomfield Will Serve Trotter-Poached Bass Along With Her Oyster Pan Roasts at the John Dory Oyster Bar

Clam and bacon aquacotta.

Fourteen months after closing the original John Dory, partners Ken Friedman and April Bloomfield revive it November 1, in altered form, and in what they hope will be a more geographically hospitable locale: the ever-buzzing Ace Hotel. The new 120-seat oyster bar is just that — a bar, with bar-height stools, no entrées, and an emphasis on raw shellfish, Mediterranean-style crudi, and hot soups and stews, including Bloomfield's blockbuster oyster pan roast with uni-butter crostini, prepared in the same kind of steam-sleeved swivel pots nostalgists rhapsodize over at Grand Central Oyster Bar. Bar snacks abound and run the gamut from salted peanuts to eel-and-parsley pie. Food-friendly cocktails come courtesy of Sasha Petraske, three wines are served on tap, and Sixpoint Craft Ales has custom-brewed a JDOB oyster stout. Bloomfield has promoted Spotted Pig sous-chef Josh Even to run this kitchen, and Friedman collaborated with Roman and Williams on the black-tiled, vaulted-ceiling design, which incorporates fish-tank-light sconces and a twelve-seat chef's table in the basement. And check out the bass below.


Trotter-poached bassDanny Kim/New York Magazine

The John Dory Oyster Bar, 1196 Broadway, at 29th St.; 212-792-9000