Dante’s Wins ‘Best of the Best’ Food Trucks

Thrillist editor Jeff Miller with Dante's Fried Chicken
Thrillist editor Jeff Miller with Dante’s Fried Chicken Photo: Thrillist

Yesterday Thrillist circled five food wagons for its “best-of-the-best” food truck showdown. Unfortunately, it appears Nom Nom didn’t make it, though much unlike the finale of The Great Food Truck Race, there’s probably an explanation this time around. It also appears World’s Fare wasn’t there as planned, with newcomer Lardon and Komodo taking both of their places, despite not having proven themselves in the heavy-weight food truck division quite yet. Still, the results would probably be the same. Which mobile munchie took the day?

While raising $3,400 for Meals on Wheels, the 600-plus attendees voted Dante’s Fried Chicken into the number one spot. L.A.-raised Dante Gonzalez’s “Sock-it-to-me Chicken ‘n Nuggets,” topped with apricot “crack” sauce, with a coconut biscuit topped with blueberry stout brisket, and almond banana slaw, does sound better already than Frysmith’s rajas fries and Dim Sum’s har gow and shu mai. A full wrap-up of the event can be seen online today, while Dante’s can be stalked through Twitter, registered under the handle of one “KFCrip.”