Councilwoman Wants to Snuff Out Hookah Bars


Bars are already facing the possibilities of earlier garden closing times, underage drinking crackdowns, West Village moratoriums, and stricter laws against noise. As if things weren’t already hard enough for bar owners (Aces & Eights ran afoul of the law and now EV Grieve says it seems to be closed for good), you can now add this to the list: A Brooklyn councilwoman wants to prevent new hookah bars from opening starting in 2012. Look, everyone knows that hookah bars are essentially weekend day-care centers for annoying 16-year-olds — what’s going to happen when they’re outlawed and kids in braces move over to real bars? We do not want to have to wait for our bartender to make some pipsqueak a Long Island Iced Tea. Please, councilwoman, step down.

Brooklyn Lawmaker Wants To Include Hookah Bars In Smoking Ban [NY1]