Chef Jet Tila Brings Cheesecake ‘Maki-Sushi’ To BreadBar This Sunday

Photo: Sara Steele

Chef Jet Tila doesn’t just have a super-rad name, the Bangkok native has been gaining plenty of high-profile attention through the years putting in time on No Reservations and garnering acclaim in Vegas for his restaurant Wazazu at The Encore. This Sunday, the chef will lead a three-hour tour of his Southeast Asian recipe variations at BreadBar’s “In the Making” series, teaching guests how to make crispy shrimp cakes with plum sauce and cucumber salad, pineapple red curry, roti paratha, and Thai roasted chicken. Before sitting down to eat the meal, guests will also learn how to make the cool dessert pictured above, a praline-crusted cheesecake sliced into sushi roll-style cuts aside white chocolate, ganache, and dark chocolate playing the parts of fake ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce, respectively. Reservations are $65, plus tax and gratuity, and can be made at 310-205-0124. October 17th, 5:00-8:00 P.M. at 8718 W. 3rd St..