The Fine Art of ‘Curating’ Brunch

Photo: Roxanne Behr/New York Magazine

Thought brunch was just something you stumble to barely showered, where runny eggs are indifferently thrust in front of you? Not the case. Yesterday Chi Chi 212 told us a little bit about Lavo’s party brunch: “When you order what was the largest bottle of Rose I have ever seen, not only do the waitresses come out with sparklers, but the actual bottle is covered in sparklers and brought out to you by some good sport in a Superman costume to the Superman theme song.” And today Lavo partner Jayma Cordoza tells Steve Lewis that Andrew Goldberg “has done a great job of curating the brunch, so if feels like you’re at a European Brunch with a New York twist.” That’s right, Noah Tepperberg, who introduced us to the “gastrolounge”, has now added “brunch curator” to the list of jobs that exist only in New York.

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