Brooklyn Farmacy Determined to Keep You Eating Ice Cream, Lobsters Through Fall

Brooklyn Farmacy.
Brooklyn Farmacy. Photo: Carolyn Morris

Those tormented by the end of ice cream season — and not interested in ice-cream lasagna — but excited about autumnal ingredients like pumpkin and maple can embrace their conflicted feelings at Brooklyn Farmacy, where pumpkin-ice-cream sandwiches are now on offer, and soda jerks in retro hats will make you a maple egg cream out of real Maine maple syrup.

Co-owner Peter Freeman, who hails from central Maine, is apparently also suffering seasonal confusion, because he’s throwing a “Lobsta Block Party” this month. As in, October. It was postponed from last weekend and looks to be this Saturday. Take a peek at his Twitter to find out details — or, in old-timey fashion, just give ‘em a call. He’s partnering with neighboring eateries, including Naidre’s and Francesco’s, and the event will run from noon until the lobster runs out.

Lobster or no lobster, Freeman’s conversational obsession remains the egg cream. He told us he was dedicated to making “the best frickin’ egg cream in the world,” and that he’s taking his egg-cream carts to the streets this spring. He expects to have four or five roaming the streets, “definitely in the Lower East Side, the birthplace of the egg cream,” but also in other boroughs. If you can’t wait till then, he’s got them at the Flea for three bucks, “which includes a free pretzel!” For a closer look at Freeman’s egg-cream adoration, check out this mercurial Edible Brooklyn profile.