Angelo Sosa’s Xie Xie Goes Bye-Bye

Photo: Melissa Hom

Is Top Chef’s Angelo too distracted by the thought of his Russian bride-to-be, and the thought of being on Top Chef All-Stars, to keep Xie Xie afloat? We have no idea. The lines at Xie Xie have been “temporarily disconnected” for some time, and the Times now confirms everyone’s suspicion that the sandwich shop is closed for good. A couple of months ago, Angelo told the press that the space was undergoing renovations, and that he would be reopening shortly, but perhaps that was just a fever dream. A Food & Wine staffer reports via Twitter that Angelo is looking for “a way bigger space in Soho,” a location he disputed on his own feed. Oh, Angelo! We will be racked with chills, writhing in bed, and unable to write at the top of our game until you call us with the real story.