A Giant Noodle Hits The Santa Monica Pier

"For your safety, do not climb on the big noodle."
“For your safety, do not climb on the big noodle.” Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

A giant yellow macaroni sculpture has landed on The Santa Monica Pier, doubling our fears of The Big One, which will not only unhinge the Ferris Wheel, but also find Richard Roundtree threatened by a huge, rolling piece of pasta. Speaking of “the cheesiest,” we held our noses and trudged over to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. last night, where the two kind hosts told us this extra-large noodle was, naturally, a promotion from Kraft. What’s going on here?

The mac-and-cheese, sorry, “cheese-and-mac” company is touring the noodle sculpture from state-to-state on a national tour. Kids appear to love it and a few restaurants on the pier, including Bubba Gump, have added Kraft mac and cheese to their menus, no doubt also for the kids. But Kraft is yet to update its tour page since September, giving us little idea how long the noodle will be there. So if giant fake foodstuffs are also the stuff of your dreams, you might want to get to the Pier before the sculpture gets snatched away.