Bourdain’s Graphic Novel Is Official; Multiculti Pizza in Crown Heights

Anthony Bourdain's graphic novel, Get Jiro!, was officially announced this weekend at New York Comic Con. [DC Comics]

A Crown Heights pizza restaurant tries to appeal simultaneously to the neighborhood's West Indian, hipster, and Hasidic residents. [NYT]

It's possible to make acorns ready for human consumption by soaking them in a bag in your toilet tank for a few weeks. [NYT]

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is opposed to New York City's proposed anti-soda food-stamp regulations. [WSJ]

Collaboration and community are the cornerstones and main buzzwords of the new DIY-farming movement. [NYT]

Canadian researchers claim they have created "fake food" that helps people feel full faster in order to lose weight. [LAT]

In a British study, baby high chairs in restaurants were found to contain more bacteria than toilets. [Daily Mail UK]