Will Thomas Keller Do for BMWs What Batali Did for Vespas?

Photo: Getty Images

A while back, Thomas Keller told us that he was BFFs with BMW — his second car (which he still owns) was a 1978 BMW 320i and his current ride is a Beamer station wagon. So it’s no surprise that he’s inked a partnership with the brand wherein “select customers” of the French Laundry will get access to a $102,300 ActiveHybrid 7 sedan. Turns out the No. 1 hobby of BMW drivers is fine dining, so BMW is hoping that, where advertising is concerned, “the benefits could be rich.” Hence, look for a “BMW-inspired recipe” on today’s French Laundry menu: “Four Story Hill Farm Apple Fed Pork Loin with Bratwurst.”

BMW to Provide ActiveHybrid 7 Sedan for Diners at Keller’s French Laundry [Bloomberg]