What Would You Do for Free Chick-fil-A?

People in Richmond, Virginia camping out before a Chick-fil-A opens.
People in Richmond, Virginia camping out before a Chick-fil-A opens.Photo: courtesy Facebook

Though the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine may try to change this, fast food restaurants open all the time in the Chicago area. But none have really struck the exact same chord as Chick-fil-A. If we remember correctly, this is just a fried chicken fast food chain. We were interested when we heard that the chain was coming to the Chicago area. But you’d think they were the hottest opening of the year as hundreds of people camped out at the Aurora this morning waiting for the doors to open. What on earth is going on? Turns out it’s all the power of free food.

The first hundred people received a voucher for 52 sandwiches, meaning they could theoretically eat one sandwich every week for a year. The same trick is pulled at basically every new opening for the store. The above picture shows the chaos when a new store opened in Richmond, VA.

The question we must ask is this: Is it really worth camping out in a suburban parking lot to get a years supply of Chick-fil-A?

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