Well, at Least The Jell-O Shot Economy Is Thriving

Photo: TMAB2003’s flickr

If you’re on the fence about responding to one of those Craigslist ads suggesting that you “get pay for looking HOT!!”, the Wall Street Journal reveals that you can make between $300 to $600 a night as a shot girl. Douchetinations like Turtle Bay and McFadden’s make Jell-O shots at a cost of 15 cents, sell them for between $3 to $4 — and the shot girl gets 25 cents for each guy who buys alcoholic gelatin and slurs “I’m gonna marry that girl” (actual quote from a guy wearing a backpack), plus the occasional Benjamin for a tip. Just know that your boss will ask you to “shake what your mama gave ya’”.

The Friendliest Young Woman in the Room [WSJ]