Wanna Watch Some Food Rot?


If we werent writing Grub Street every minute of the day, wed launch our dream website. It would catalog just how gross food looks after X amount of days of putrification. That way when you come home from vacation and remember that you left a tomato out, you could maybe enter tomato into a search engine, along with the number of days it was lying around, and a photo would come up showing you what sort of grizzliness to expect. Because as these photos of the worst pub kitchen in England go to show, nothing, nothing is as horrifying as an unexpected encounter with rotting food. Anyway, the BBC has given us a look at what such a website might look like in this time-lapse video of rotting food. Apparently it only takes five days for maggots to make mince meat out of mince meat! Oh, and for some happier documentation of what happens when you leave food alone (albeit in the fridge), Slices Pizza Lab experimented with cold fermenting dough earlier today.

Dr Yan's Rotting Food Time Lapse - Bang Goes The Theory - BBC One [YouTube via Buzzfeed]
The Pizza Lab: How Long Should I Let My Dough Cold Ferment? [Slice/Serious Eats]