V-Nam Cafe Pulls a Henry’s, Allegedly Rips Off Baoguette Menu

Photo: Helen Rosner

Again with the bánh mì ripoffs? The recently opened (and even more recently temporarily shuttered) V-Nam Cafe appears to have taken a page from the Henry’s playbook: According to Eater, V-Nam’s owner is a former employee of Michael "Bao" Huynh’s Baoguette, and his menu is so similar to his former place of employment that Huynh is threatening to sue.

Photo: Helen Rosner

To be fair, there’s only so much variation a bánh mì menu can really have, but V-Nam had the audacity to actually include items called the Baoguette and the Sloppy Bao — that’s basically the Vietnamese sandwich equivalent of putting up a burger shingle and selling a ShackBurger. For his part, Huynh is out for blood: For the next 45 days, he’s offering would-be V-Nam Cafe customers 20 percent off and free soft serve for anyone who brings the rival menu into Baoguette.

Baoguette Alum Opens Suspiciously Baoguette-Like Restaurant [Eater NY]