Top Chef Nikki’s New Restaurant Will Serve Egg Creams, Too

Photo: Courtesy of Bravo

Here we are talking about egg creams and it turns out the restaurant Nikki Cascone hopes to open on Avenue B next month, Octavia’s Porch, is going to serve “global Jewish cuisine” inspired by “Jews all over the world — even places like Italy — doing unbelievable food that had an influence on the cuisine in the countries they resided in.” One of the desserts? An egg cream with vodka! Cascone tells Fork in the Road that the restaurant won’t be kosher, but then again it won’t sell pork or shellfish. Take that, Traif!

Nikki Cascone Talks About Her New Restaurant, What Exactly ‘Global Jewish Cuisine’ Is & Just How Kosher it Will Be [Fork in the Road/VV]