The Times Launches a Mobile Fix for Your Caffeine Addiction


For all those times you find yourself foraging through an unfamiliar neighborhood in search of a cup of coffee that won’t offend your Stumptown-trained palate, now you can reach in your pocket and pull out New York Times coffee guru Oliver Strand. Or at least pull out an electronic version thereof: Starting today, Strand lends his expertise to the Filter, a GPS-enabled coffee map that’s part of free Times iPhone/iPad app the Scoop, which also features advice on such non-caffeinated mundanities as where to buy home furnishings, or a revisit of the Sifty Fifty. “I’ll keep it current,” Strand promises Grub Street. So far he’s highlighted die-hard java spots like Caffetteria, Kickstand, Little Skips, and the Third Rail Coffee pop-up at Rapha Cycle Club, with plans to update as early as next week. “Good spots will be added,” he says. “And if good spots turn bad, well … “

The Scoop/The Filter [iTunes Store]