The Most Powerful People in New York, Culinary Edition

Photo: Photo: Nigel Parry/CPI. Grooming by Asia Geiger/Celestine

In the magazine this week, we take a look at who really runs the show here in New York. Along with the titans of industry, media, real estate, and finance, there are two honorees for the most powerful in food. Lisa Taddeo explores the allure of April Bloomfield, who has changed the way we eat at the Spotted Pig and the Breslin. Anthony Bourdain explains it: “Coolness can detract from the food, but she is too uninterested in the perks of running a hot restaurant to let that happen.” In Williamsburg, the restaurant Roberta’s wields power of a different variety. Benjamin Wallace traces the rise of their DIY empire, where “the vibe is of a future-primitive, self-sufficient compound whose inhabitants grow their own food and urinate on the compost pile (true story).”