Stephen Starr Plans ‘Meat-Centric’ Restaurant, Laughs at City That Never Sleeps

Photo: Getty Images

At a time when even the most notorious meatheads are paying more attention to greens (April Bloomfield has introduced whole-lamb dinners at the Breslin, but shes also looking to become a farmer), its a little curious that Stephen Starr is hopping on the meat-centric bandwagon. Sexy butchers are so 2009! Nevertheless, Eater reports that at last nights Community Board 2 meeting, he pitched a low-key, 223-seat, meat-centric neighborhood restaurant with a butcher/retail space towards the entrance. It'll be at 81 Greenwich Avenue between 11th Street and Seventh Avenue. Heres the funny part: In agreeing to early closing times, he told the board, It's becoming London, New York. You hear that, New Yorkers? Philadelphians are laughing at us!

Stephen Starr Green Lit for 200 Seat 'Meat-Centric' Resto [Eater NY]