Slate’s Pop-Tarts BLT Doesn’t Actually Look So Terrible

Sure, it works.

In a gastronomic act so spectacularly zeitgeisty that we're shocked it hasn't happened before now, Slate's Gastro Lab guys, Dan Pashman and Mark Garrison, put bacon on a Pop-Tart and then ate it. The choice of a brown-sugar-cinnamon Pop-Tart is inspired — cinnamon-sugar bacon is delicious — and the gamble pays off. "It has structural issues," says Pashman. "But flavor-wise, I think it works." The next step, obviously, is General Tso's Pop-Tarts: Into the deep fryer goes a strawberry pastry (we approve), which then gets doused in gooey General Tso's sauce (we're skeptical). Garrison isn't convinced, saying, "If you were married to this Pop Tart, this would be considered domestic violence." Check out the complete endeavor in the video.

Pop Tarts: Not Just for a Lazy Breakfast Anymore [Slate]