New Owners For Clifton’s Cafeteria Means New Life For the Landmark

Photo: 5th & Spring

The Edison’s Andrew Meieran is the proud new owner Clifton’s Cafeteria, a Downtown mainstay since 1931. The Clinton family put the building that houses the restaurant on the market last year, but remained hopeful someone would buy the property and keep Clifton’s operating. Unfortunately for those who’ve come to rely on the cafeteria for a cheap, hot meal (and those who just love its kitsch), Clifton’s will eventually close.

Rumor has it that Meieran plans to keep it a restaurant and open a speakeasy and tiki bar on the upper level, but no solid details have been hashed out. According to the press release, he wants to keep Clifton’s “a cultural, social and architectural landmark,” which hopefully means retaining some of the most lovable decor attributes. Considering he didn’t remove any industrial artifacts from that former power plant before it became The Edison (and his close ties with the L.A. Conservancy), chances are good some character will remain intact.

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