New iPhone App Lets You Put Mario Batali in Your Pocket


Its hard to know what to be more excited by today: the release of an app that helps you find New York City beer gardens, or Mario Batalis iTunes debut. Oh, who are we kidding the MarioCooks! app is probably worth the $4.99, given that it boasts 63 recipes, each accompanied by some food porn and, better yet, a video of the ponytailed one preparing the dish (he also leads 25 technique demos). It all adds up to five hours of Mario in your trousers! To top it all off: clickable shopping lists, timers, and pairing suggestions.

You have to wonder: Are iPhone apps going to be the next feather in every celebrity chefs cap? Anyway, its good to see Mario getting into this game. But when will he get hip to myTouchTunes, the awesome new app that lets you play songs on a bars jukebox from your phone? We wouldnt mind overriding some of those tunes at Babbo.

Maybe well ask him when he appears at the Apple store on September 20 at 6:30 p.m.

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