Is Downtown Crossing the Next Restaurant Row?

Photo: Chris Kantos/Flickr

Fajitas & ‘Ritas owner Bradley Fredericks will open The Back Deck in Downtown Crossing early next year, reports the Globe. The restaurant, which will serve grilled steaks, seafood, and burgers, is just one of many bringing a glimmer of hope back to the rejuvenation of Downtown Crossing. Why, between this and Petit Robert Central, people might even start heading to DTX for more than just a quick sandwich during lunch break.

Though lord knows Downtown Crossing has no shortage of people (shockingly, the neighborhood has 8,000 residents) it’s never been considered anything close to a dining hot spot. Between the Back Deck, Petit Robert Central, and older standbys like Locke-Ober, Stoddard’s Fine Food & Ale, and Silvertone Bar & Grill, it’s possible next time you head to Downtown Crossing after 7 p.m., you could actually come across more than the abandoned Filene’s building.

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