Battle of the Beans: Illy Set to Square Off Against Nespresso on Prince Street

Photo: Daniel Maurer

Were told that when Bay Ridges Little Cupcake Bakeshop opens its first Manhattan location at 30 Prince Street in mid-September, itll have a full Illy espresso bar. It wont be the only European coffee brand on Prince shortly after opening its 200th boutique, Switzerlands Nespresso has finally opened its Soho store and caf about a year after it first put up signage.

Step past the hostess (yes, there is one), and your barista will give you a spiel about Nespressos 16 crus (those little flavor pods) and coffee machines, both of which line the walls and are available for purchase upstairs. Choose a cru, and shell use a cocktail shaker (also available for purchase) to make you a $6.50 iced cappuccino. Other drinks include the Ligeois (iced coffee over a scoop of vanilla ice cream) and the Iced Vanilla Caffe (coffee blended with vanilla ice cream and poured over crushed ice). The café also serves $9 plates, such as a grilled chicken salad, a smoked salmon Napoleon, garden pea velout, mini cheese burgers, prosciutto panino, and a smoked turkey club, plus $7 desserts like a tiramisu, chocolate souffl, Grom sorbet, and gluten-free macaroons.

Nespresso, 92 Prince St., nr. Mercer St.; 212-966-1825