McDonald’s Could Drop Benefits; Rich People Love Fast Food

• McDonald’s is threatening to drop health insurance for its workers unless regulators waive a requirement on so-called “mini-med” plans. [WSJ]

• Wealthy Americans are eating more fast food than they were a year ago. [WSJ]

• This year’s Census showed a rise in New Yorkers living in apartments without kitchens. [NYT]

• Groupon is starting a dating service, complete with a $60,000 scholarship for babies conceived on “Groupon dates.” [TechCrunch]

• Food-safety advocates want the government to test for more E. coli strains. [WSJ]

• Adam Richman is very hurt that Alton Brown thinks Man v. Food is an embarrassment. [NYDN]

• Chinese-language TV station New Tang Dynasty Television’s upcoming cooking competition won’t feature a single chef from China, as all eleven slated to compete were not allowed to leave the country. [City Room/NYT]