Le Bernardin Is Now A-Okay After C Scare

Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Congrats to Le Bernardin. After bafflingly scoring a C-worthy score during a recent inspection, it raked in a mere ten demerit points during its follow-up earlier this week. It’s now able to proudly display its A. At the moment, we can’t tell you what, exactly, Ripert’s restaurant ended up getting docked for, other than to say there was a minor plumbing issue, because the Health Department’s fancy new inspection-results site is constantly, constantly down. Every other time we’ve tried to access it in the past month, we’ve gotten a “taking too long to respond” page. Therefore, we give the site a big fat C — no, an F. Now, if we could only fine the Health Department for wasting our freaking time. Anyway, congrats Le Bern!