L.A.X. Concession Foot-Dragging Upsets Stomachs/Chefs

Photo: Goodnight London via Flickr

Ace L.A. Times reporter Steve Lopez sat in on last Monday’s meeting over new LAX concessions. While Lopez himself is used to this typical City Hall foot-dragging, his descriptions of how bored and angry the industry pros look is pretty priceless. Jonathan Gold “looked like he had indigestion,” while Susan Feniger “looked at me with a finger pointed at her head, as if she couldn’t take another minute of it.” Worse, he goes on to detail the many conflicts of interests local politicians have with chains like Coffee Bean and CPK and offers that “council members couldn’t make a pizza together without subcommittee hearings, visits from lobbyists, an environmental impact report, an ethics investigation and half a dozen lawsuits over the choice of toppings.” [L.A. Times]