Jason Schwartzman Gets the ‘Norm!’ Treatment at Williamsburg Bar

Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Ajay Naidu writes in to tell us more about the Bored to Death shoot(-out) at Relish. Turns out, Naidus character is holding up the diner when George Christopher (played by Danson, of course) talks him down and gives him a job as his driver. But apparently, the shoots most memorable moment occurred at a certain hipster bar (presumably Zebulon) across the street: In the middle of a take, Jason walked across the street and into the bar and it was like looking at a jack in the box, Naidu tells us. The bar visually lit up and there was a cheer and cry like a football team had scored, and all that happened was that Jason walked in. No joke: The lights got brighter in there and the volume went up and people were screaming ... like in a cartoon. We, the cast and crew, were cracking up. And here we thought that only a McLovin' spotting could get jaded Williamsburg to lose its cool.