Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Coming to L.A.

Bring it on, Jamie
Bring it on, Jamie Photo: Really Short via Flickr

Trying to change the nation’s eating habits by starting in the sticks turned Jamie Oliver from an irrepressible, wide-eyed Naked Chef into a bedraggled, red-eyed Sisyphus through the first season of Food Revolution. His smash success show on ABC still landed an Emmy despite falling short of its dietary goals. The program is being renewed for a six episode return this fall, Stitch Kingdom reports, and will be trying to change eating habits in Los Angeles this time around. Hopefully Jamie leaves regulars at Animal and Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles alone and sticks to the nooks most in need of nutritional policing: L.A.’s own school lunchrooms and the funnel cake lines at Disneyland. Even if Oliver spent the whole six week run at Fatburger, he’d have an easier time than his tour-of-duty in Huntington, West Virgina, then and now the “fattest town in the U.S.”

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