Introducing the Slimmer, Trimmer Post Critic

Photo: NYP

Chefs, it’s time to swap out the photo of Steve Cuozzo that you keep on the kitchen wall — the Post critic reveals that after cutting down on sweets and junk food due to a Type 2–diabetes scare, he has lost twenty pounds in the past year (after losing fifteen pounds to the condition), and there’s a photo of him at 160 pounds (down from 195) to prove it. Cuozzo follows Bruni, Sifton, Ed Levine, and other fellow critics in shedding light on his dieting habits, saying that he stifled his lifelong sweet tooth (and beat chronic heartburn) by cutting down on “sugar bombs” and sugary drinks, as well as switching to a diet with more whole-grain breads, seafood, fruits and vegetables, cheese, peanut butter, and Sprite Zero. Congratulations are in order, and chefs might want to think twice about delivering complimentary desserts.

Defeating diabetes – now that’s sweet! [NYP]