Introducing Street Hawker Truck, Launching Monday With Singaporean Eats

Photo: Street Hawker Truck

September 20th will see the premiere of Street Hawker Truck, serving Singaporean street-cooking. The cuisine is influenced from China, Malaysia, and India, and a Twitter page clues us into a few menu items, including photographic evidence. There will be satay, of course, plus chicken curry with roti, fried hokkien noodles with prawns, nasi lemak, Singapore fried rice, Hainanese chicken rice, and fried bee hoon, which has shrimp, and maybe the stinging heat of a bee, but thankfully no actual stingers. The truck’s name comes from the open-air street food markets called Hawker Centres, found in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. The truck plans to roll out next Monday, so stay tuned to its Twitter, Facebook, and website for updates. You won’t even need to chope your table!