Let’s Play a Guessing Game With Ikea’s Flat-Out Gorgeous Baking Book

A: What are these the ingredients for?

Everyone's favorite homewares purveyor Ikea has just published a collection of baking recipes called Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade Is Best). Sure, knowing how to make Princess Cake is fine and dandy, but the volume is illustrated with some of the most inventive cookbook photography we've ever seen: Styled by Evelina Bratell and photographed by Carl Kleiner, the pristine arrangements of ingredients are so stark and geometric that they verge on the abstract. The good news is that the book is completely free; the bad news is that the only place you can get it is in the kitchen section of Ikea stores — in Sweden. Read on for more of Kleiner's stunning images, and see if you can guess what the recipes are for. (Answers are at the very end of the post.)


B. Whatever it is, it involves orange peel.Courtesy Carl Kleiner and Ikea


C. Sprinkles!Courtesy Carl Kleiner and Ikea


D. Something green?Courtesy Carl Kleiner and Ikea

A: Mandelmussla, almond shortbread topped with lingonberries.
B: Lingonpeparkaka, gingersnap cookies with lingonberries.
C: Vaniljhorn, crescent-shaped shortbread cookies.
D: Prinsesstårta, or Princess Cake, sponge cake with a green marzipan covering.