First Look at Hill Country Chicken, Now Serving Pimento Sandwiches

Photo: Melissa Hom

Hill Country Chicken opened its doors today at noon (service runs till 11 p.m. daily), so why dont we have a look inside? Designer Garrett Singer sourced a bunch of vintage furniture to make the bi-level space look like a fifties country caf upstairs (where you order at a counter and walk your tray over to your booth) and a classic rec room downstairs, where theres an open bakery and a vintage arcade game. Of course, theres also a heck of a lot of wood paneling; as the Commodore can tell you, thats pretty much requisite when youre serving fried chicken and pimento sandwiches. Check out the homey look, have another glance at the menu, and please, dont get the board games too greasy.

Hill Country Chicken menu [PDF]

Hill Country Chicken, 1123 Broadway, at 25th St.; 212-257-6446