First Look into Churros Calientes, Open Soon in West L.A.

At Santa Monica Blvd. and Butler

Filling the not-so-deep void that Xooro left behind on the west side, Churros Calientes is almost ready to open its doors at Santa Monica Blvd. and Butler, beside the Royal Theater. The owners tell us that pricing and menus are still to be finalized, but all inspections have been passed and the space is finished. The tiny storefront is super-cute, with chocolate-toned hand-prints lining the walls contributed by everyone who worked on the restaurant, from the Argentine architects to local contractors. The output here will be churros made-to-order, with the promise of all-natural and organic ingredients. A website, which once belonged to the muy caliente Colombiano soap actor Sandro Finoglio, has been changed to one for the restaurant, with details on specific options coming soon, likely next week when the owners are hoping for the official opening. In the meantime, check out our slide show of the space.

Churros Calientes, 11521 Santa Monica Blvd. West L.A..