Farmer John Officially Crams The Bacon-Wrapped Dog Down Our Throats

Photo: Arnold/Inuyaki via Flickr

No one should be legally permitted to dispense information about Farmer John unless their first name is Vin and their last name is Scully, but with apologies for our obvious short-comings, here goes: The local meat purveyor behind the Dodger Dog is unrolling a campaign to make the bacon-wrapped hot dog “the official hot dog of Los Angeles,” with the promised help of at least one Dodgers woodsman. A vote is being held online on a site that claims the pork-layered dog was invented on the streets of East L.A., something that might make Sonoran natives take umbrage. To vote yes on this proposition, you simply have to leave your email, with no room for opposition or any goal stated as to how many votes make the baco-dog L.A.’s official dog. Every vote does yield a pound of food for the Union Rescue Mission Food Bank, which makes it worth going along with the whole scheme. And, who knows? Maybe this could help legalize the often persecuted snack. Whatever the results, the bacon-wrapped hot dog will always be the “Official Hot Dog of Drunk Decision Making” to us.