Eataly Would’ve Opened a Year Later If City Hadn’t Cut Red Tape

Photo: Spencer T Tucker/NYC Mayor’s Office

How did Batali and the Bastianichs get a juggernaut like Eataly up and running without epic delays? The city has issued a press release saying the New Business Acceleration Team that Bloomberg announced earlier this year shaved fifteen months(!) off of the opening by working with Con Ed, the Department of Buildings, the Department of Transportation, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and all the other agencies that are the bane of a restaurant owner’s existence. Plus, the city held over 30 recruitment events that helped over 200 people (but not the vegetable butcher) score jobs there. And that number doesn’t even factor in the bloggers who now have fodder for weeks: Gael Greene got stood up by Mario Batali for breakfast, Midtown Lunch takes a look at Eataly’s lunch options, Slice weighs in on the pizza, Josh Ozersky says the place is missing only “perverted sex,” and Corby Kummer compares it to the Turin location over the course of about 2,500 words.

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