Del’s Could Become Backstage II

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

The closing of Del’s left a gaping hole in West L.A. for anyone who doesn’t want to drink in a den of douchery. Following the news that Busby’s, king of the aforementioned D-bags, had been denied plans to turn it into a pool party lounge, Eater reports that the owners of Culver City’s Backstage might be turning it into a sequel, of sorts, called Backstage II. This sounds like encouraging news for dive-lovers, as Backstage could straddle the line here between a lively drinking hole and the lowdown dirty fun of dearly departed Del’s. Though a license on the door looks prepared for an “on-site eating place,” hopefully this is true, making the transaction once described as “pretty fucked” by Del’s owners pay off for neighborhood residents who still lack shiny shirts and layers of Axe body spray.

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